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Microservice Architecture

In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, software development methods and infrastructures are constantly evolving. As a result of these changes, microservices, an approach that departs from traditional monolithic application structures to embrace a more modular and scalable approach, have gained… Read More »Microservice Architecture

How to Secure API

Introduction API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” It is a set of rules and protocols defining how two software programs can communicate. An API specifies how software components should interact and exchange information, allowing them to work together to perform… Read More »How to Secure API

Best Monitoring Tools

Introduction One of the most crucial part is monitoring the whole system. How? Monitoring tools track the performance and availability of software applications and infrastructure. Some common types of monitoring tools include: Some popular monitoring tools include New Relic, Datadog,… Read More »Best Monitoring Tools

How to Use Minikube?

Introduction Minikube is a tool that is used to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster locally. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for managing and orchestrating containerized applications, and Minikube allows you to run a Kubernetes cluster on your local machine, without… Read More »How to Use Minikube?

How to Secure Dockerfile

Introduction We will sort out securing the Dockerfile, which is very important for microservices. Here are a few tips for securing your Dockerfile Conclusion We can make secure your dockerfiles while refactoring your applications.