We are so happy to anounce that, we have succesfully migrated Keepnet Labs cloud infra to AWS!

As the threat of cyber attacks continues to grow, businesses and end users are beginning to recognise the importance of cybersecurity. Suffering from a phishing, malware or ransomware attack can be catastrophic, stressful, financially burdensome and damaging to brand reputation. Keepnet Labs has developed a suite of cyber-security awareness and defence products that provide a holistic approach to people, processes and technology in order to reduce risk.
Keepnet Labs: keepnetlabs.com

The AWS Story

Keepnet Labs was having some performance issues with old Cloud vendor. We have analyzed their infrastructure and migrated to AWS.
Keepnet Labs is now fully scalable and able to handle over 10 gigs of connection requests. They also may see their real-time events and source load (network, CPU, disk) on CloudWatch dashboards.

What we have solved?
- Performance Problems (Disk) / Solved with EBS
- Network Load / Solved with ELB and Auto Scaling Groups
- Backup & Archiving / Solved with S3
- Database Management / Solved with RDS

What we have Improved?
- Security Level with ELB and Security Groups
- Broked Vendor Lock-in
- GDPR Compliance

What technologies we have used?
- AWS Elastic Load Balancer
- AWS Auto Scaling Groups
- AWS S3
- AWS Cloud Front
- AWS Cloud Watch