We are now ready to host your web pages on AWS :)

Graf Clouds has complated its own AWS infrastructure! You can now use our platform for your web pages.

Our Infrastructure

We have designed fully scalable and elastic topology. As your source codes will be stored on Github and we will sync your codes our EC2 and S3 instances.

What we use?
- Cloud Front for content distrubtion
- Elastic Load Balances
- EC2 Clusters
- Route 53
- Clud Flare
- Yandex or Google Gsuite Mail Hosting

Setup Prices & Advantages

You will no worry about your web page than! We suggest Always Up and Running!

What you gain?
- You will be fast responsible for all world!
- Unlimited Network Badnwith
- Unlimited Database
- Unlimited Disk
- Owasp Top 10 Security
- Professional Email Configuration

- One time setup Fee (Cloudflare, Github, Pipeline) $100
- Web hosting for 40$ (montly)
- Email Hosting (Free for yandex, 5$ / User for Google)

Please drop an email [email protected] for details. Visit our Service Catalog and Github Repo